Wants to Recover Data from External Hard Disk Drive?

More often, important data that you want to save for long time is stored in external hard disk drives. Movies, songs, and videos are usually maintained as a collection in external hard disk. In other words, external hard disk is a back up for all your important data. When you lose files out of it, then it will be a big trouble as well as a big matter of depression as it is very difficult to collect those files again. Such things may happen due to formatting of drive, virus attack, disk corruption and because of many other reasons. In order to accomplish data recovery on Windows 8 desktop or laptop from your external HDD, you have to use some good file recovery program. If you just search in internet, you will get thousands of such tools. But you have to choose carefully a trustworthy tool among them.

Windows 8 Data Recovery software is an award-winning tool that retrieves deleted files from Windows 8 hard drive with ease. This external hard drive data recovery tool is the best tool available to recover data from formatted or corrupted USB or portable HDD’s. All lost data from USB hard disk are recovered in their original format by using this software. Just simply install this software on your Windows 8 computer and easily perform external hard drive data recovery within few steps.

Due to following reasons, data from external hard disk may be lost.

  • Formatting of external hard disk: Formatting of USB or portable HDD’s is quite common data loss scenario where you might lose data if proper backup is not taken. Reformatting the hard disk in order to change file system may also sometimes cause severe damage to the disk. If you formatted any ReFS system prtition on Windows 8, follow this link: http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/refs-partition.html.
  • Improper ejection: If external hard disk is taken out abruptly while transfer process or during disk write, then data may be lost. If you remove the disk without clicking "Safely Remove Hardware", then also data may be lost. Improper ejection of external hard drive can also result in RAW drive. To know more in this context click on this link: http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/files-from-raw-file-system.html
  • Bad sectors: Bad sectors on hard disk due to scratches make data in that region inaccessible. Scanning process becomes slow in that region, as data on bad sectors is unreadable. However, you can employ this advanced software to accomplish active partition recovery for Windows 8 with great ease. To know more results, visit here http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/active-partition-recovery.html.
  • Virus attacks: When viruses affect hard disk, they corrupt the file system and hard disk becomes inaccessible causing data loss. In addition, one can utilize this powerful tool to restore deleted files from Widows Defender with great ease. To know more information, visit here http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/files-deleted-by-windows-defender.html.

When you face these kinds of situation, Windows 8 Data Recovery software is performs external hard drive data recovery. The advanced algorithm of this software provides an easy user interface so that working on it can be an easy affair and does not require any special knowledge. Besides external hard disk, you can even restore lost files from Windows 8 recycle bin by using this application. Files from formatted external hard disk, crashed disk, and deleted items from external storage can be easily recovered by this tool. If you want recover data from Sony memory stick pro, then you can utilize this tool to recover files from Sony memory stick pro duo on Windows 8 in hassle free manner.

Note: Click on http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/accidentally-deleted.html to know how to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows 8 machine.

This amazing software provides the user some attractive features to get back partition on Windows 8. Scanning process of this tool is very fast and recovers all lost files that can be viewed in file type or data type view. You can use this tool in all major versions of Windows including Windows 8. It is capable of recovering files from IDE, SATA, SCSI hard drives of different manufacturers like IBM, WD, Samsung, Buffalo, Seagate etc. You can use this program to retrive all types of data including photo, video, music, documents etc from Windows 8 computer. To recover deleted pictures on Windows 8, use this link: http://www.windows8datarecovery.net/pictures-deleted.html.

Steps to perform external hard drive data recovery

Step 1: Download and install Windows 8 Data Recovery software on your Windows 8 PC. Later on the main screen, select "Recover Drives" as shown in fig 1.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery - Main Window-External Hard Drive Recovery

Fig 1: Main Window-External Hard Drive Recovery

Step 2: On the next window, select "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" as shown in fig 2, select the appropriate drive, and then click "Next".

External Hard Drive Data Recovery - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Fig 2: Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 3: Recovered files will be shown as in fig 3. You can use the "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scanned information.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files