How to Recover Files Deleted By CCleaner?

Software to retrieve files deleted by CCleaner app on Windows

In this era, the computer has become an integral part of every business. Whether you are working for an organization or a home user, you might have encountered problems or a decrease in the performance of your computer hard drive. With other factors, junk files are also a concern for such a problem and that is why the computer users refer the CCleaner to optimize system performance by cleaning junk information and fixing errors. In this way CCleaner is a useful application for Windows users but not for always. Actually, when the user runs this program, unfortunately, he may encounter erasure of some valuable files along with the unwanted stuff. However, you should not be gloomy if you are also running into such a crisis. Nothing is completely unrecoverable when you take advantage of this advanced technology to recover deleted data on Windows 8 and other Windows computers.

After a certain time period, Windows system needs maintenance and it is a good practice to upgrade system regularly. It is important to give a boost to system performance by resolving many issues. For this purpose, removing useless stuff from the hard drive is necessary. We use to keep valuable data only and throw out unwanted data. Temporary internet files, browser history, cache data, unused system files, program setup, Recycle Bin data, etc. are useless and are eating valuable memory space on the hard drive. Therefore, by launching CCleaner users remove all this stuff to optimize the system health and fix errors in Windows registry. Often times, the users make Recycle Bin empty and get lose a few valuable files that were deleted mistakenly before a while. Fortunately, the users have n option to set this mistake. With the third-party software, they can retrieve files from Windows Recycle Bin with great ease.

You can easily recover files deleted by the CCleaner!

Yes, like other Windows users, you can also get back deleted files after completion of the optimization and deletion of the files by the CCleaner application. Actually, when we delete a file on the computer, a message goes to the Windows that the space accumulated by that file is now free or rewritable. Although nothing is deleted from the hard disk indeed the information become only invisible and can be restored back with a proficient third-party data recovery program.

Windows 8 data recovery software has the potential to recover files deleted by the CCleaner or other application. It even has the ability to restore erased files from emptied recycle bin on Windows 10, Windows 8, and other versions of Windows OS easily in a few steps.Whatever is the mode of file deletion, it simply scans hard disk and retrieves deleted files. It works effectively on all major launches of Windows systems i.e. Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista etc. An advanced and easy-to-use the application that comes with the smart features to undelete files that are deleted any third-party app, viruses, Shift + Delete keys combination or after emptying the Recycle Bin. Whatever kind of file is i.e. videos, photos, documents, etc. it retrieves all files that are deleted or lost from the computer hard drive or any other storage media. Windows 8 users can read this page to know the easiest way to restore the external HDD data.

Steps to restore deleted files on Windows 8

Step 1: Install and launch this application on your Windows computer. Select "Recover Files" option from the main screen as shown in Fig 1. Then select "Recover Deleted Files" option from the next screen.

How to Recover Files Deleted By CCleaner - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, you have to select the appropriate drive from where files are deleted and click on "Next" to begin the scanning process.

Restore Files Deleted By CCleaner - Choose Drive

Fig 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: As the scanning is complete, the software displays all recovered files which can be viewed in "File Type View" and "Data View" as shown in Fig 3.

Retrieve Files Deleted By CCleaner - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data