Increase Hard Drive Performance on Windows

Advanced approach to make hard drive faster on Windows computer!

Obviously, Windows 8 is the fastest OS launched by Microsoft. However, it’s very important to keep maintaining your computer in a regular time interval. Hard drive is the most significant component that should be checked for different factors to keep it error free and junk free. So if you really want to run your computer fast, try below listed tricks to improve hard disk performance on Windows 8.

Most of us are unaware of a fact that is fragmentation of hard drive. If you are working regularly on your computer, definitely, you will be adding, editing, and removing files on hard drive. Actually these frequent operations results in fragmentation of hard drive. OS simply searches location on hard drive saves the information and this operation is not performed in a managed way. So a lot hard drive space remains unused after it is fragmented. As a result, when user makes request for any file, OS has to search it’s different sections on different locations and finally it results in increased disk visiting time. So, users are always recommended to defrag their hard drive at least once in a week.

You have built-in option on Windows 8 computer to defrag hard drive automatically. Moreover, you can schedule it to run weekly for defragging the drive. For this job, you have to simply go to Search option on your Windows 8 computer and type “defrag”. Now be sure “Run on a schedule” option is checked then click ok. Once you have done with this setting, your hard drive will automatically be defragged.

Your computer hard may be the storage or so many unnecessary files that are simple degrading your system performance. These useless or outdated junk data is eating up crucial hard drive space. It is very important to remove this junk completely in order to enhance hard disk performance on Windows 8 computer. For this reason, if you are planning to remove all files manually by searching one by one, it will definitely be a silly task. So, Windows 8 has provided you a better option that is Disc Cleanup utility. In search box, type Disk Cleanup and then select your desired drive from which you wish to remove junk files. Finally select file type and click on Delete Files options.

Apart from this, check Recycle Bin on your Windows 8 computer regularly. Recycle Bin is just like garbage collector on your PC. So keep it clean of various deleted files. Similarly, you can utilize Drive Error Checking program to scan specific drive to all files are in good condition or not. However, in spite of all these things, you can select an option that capable enough to tackle and resolve all kind of problems on Windows 8 computer. With Remo MORE, you have to make only few clicks to increase hard drive performance on Windows 8 PC. Software comes with advanced scanning algorithms to automatically detect and fix possible issues and make hard drive error free. This is an easy to use and completely safe application to optimize hard disk performance on Windows 8 machine quickly.

Steps to improve hard drive performance:

Step 1: Install and run this application on your computer. From main window, select Manage option then click on "Drive Statistics" button.

Increase Hard Drive Performance on Windows - Select Drive Statisticss

Fig 1: Select Drive Statistics

Step 2: Now, select Drive Checker option and then select drive as shown in the below figure.

Increase Hard Drive Performance on Windows - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Now, select any disk error check option and proceed to start drive checker verify operation as shown in fig 3.

Increase Hard Drive Performance on Windows - Cleaning Summary

Fig 3: Verifying Process

Step 4: After the disk check process completed successfully, you will get the summary of scanning process as shown in fig 4. Tap on Finish button.

Increase Hard Drive Performance on Windows - Cleaning Summary

Fig 4: Cleaning Summary