How To Recover Files After Windows 10 Upgrade?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system of MS Windows NT series. Microsoft introduces a number of new progressive features compare to its previous Windows 8.1 system. It is completely touchscreen-based system. This operating system is considered as more safe and secure towards data saved on this system hard drive. Microsoft has introduced many new features such as face recognition login, fingerprint, Microsoft Edge web browser, Task View, etc. With the help of these features, people can complete their task very effectively and also able to save time. In order to provide more features and overcome from issues faced by users, Microsoft is continuous providing upgradation.

Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade changes some functionality and also allows the users to do their work very easily. But in some cases, during upgrade Windows 10 system, the users may face their file loss issues. In such cases, they want to get back their deleted files because these files may be their important official files which are required for their day-by-day activities. In this difficult condition, the user may think how to recover files after windows 10 upgrade. The solution of this problem is a third-party app because there is no other manual way to recover files after Windows 10 upgrade. For recovering files from Windows 10 computer after the upgrade, Windows 8 Data Recovery program is suitable because this program is highly recommended and also been tested overall circumstances to recover lost files after Windows 10 upgrade. Not only after Windows 10 upgrade but it is also capable to recover deleted files from laptops or desktops very easily. To know more, check this page:

Most Common Reasons behind Files Loss after Windows 10 Upgrade:

  • At the time of upgrade Windows 10 laptop or desktop, if any interruption occurs by which this upgrade process is not completed successfully, then it will lead to files loss from Windows 10 system.
  • During upgrading Windows 10 system, if the virus attacks on the system drive, then there is a chance of files deletion from the system. These viruses are capable to delete the files saved on the storage device.
  • Each Windows 10 system drive has the file system and this system is responsible for storing and tracking the files stored on the drive. If this file system gets damaged due to the sudden system shutdown or any other ways, then all the files saved on the Windows 10 system gets lost.

Whatever can be the cause behind files deletion or loss, people can easily recover files after Windows 10 upgrade with the help of Windows 8 Data Recovery software. With the help of this user-friendly program, people can restore files which have been deleted or lost due to Windows 10 upgrade. This easy to use interface program supports files recovered from Windows 10 computer hard drives after the upgrade which can be in any file system including FAT16, exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS without any difficulty. This recovery program allows people to take the preview of recovered files before saving them to another memory location very easily. With the help of Windows 8 Data Recovery app, people are also able to recover files from external hard drive, recycle bin folder, raid drives and memory cards as well as from various other external hard drive types including SATA, SCSI and IDE without much difficulty.

Steps to Know How To Recover Files After Windows 10 Upgrade:

Step 1: Download and install the Windows 8 Data Recovery app, open the home screen as shown in Fig 1.

How To Recover Files After Windows 10 Upgrade - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the appropriate the drive and click on “Next” option to start scanning process as illustrated in Fig 2.

Recover Files After Windows 10 Upgrade - Choose Drive

Fig 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: As the scanning process gets completed, the files can be viewed using the “Preview ” option as shown in Fig 3.

Recovering Files From Windows 10 Computer After Upgrade - Restored Files

Fig 3: Restored Files