Restore Missing Windows 8 Partition

How to recover missing partition in the Windows 8?

Windows 8 is an advanced and more improved version as compared to other versions of the Windows operating system. However, partitioning the hard drive is a technique to utilize computers memory and resources so that each partition can work independently with its own operating system. In addition, partitioning can improve disk efficiency and allows you to manage and find the files more partitions. Besides, have you ever faced a situation when you could not able to view any of your hard drive partitions? Wondering where they are gone? Usually, partition loss is a situation when the partition of your Windows 8 hard drive simply goes missing due to the accidental formatting or reformatting the partition without taking a proper backup or many other reasons.

Now, is it possible to restore missing Windows 8 partition data stored in it? Yes, it is possible simply by using the Missing Recovery Partition Windows 8 software. It has the ability to perform rigorous scanning of Windows 8 partition to restore missing data such as pictures, documents, songs, videos, spreadsheets, etc. With the help of this software, you can restore lost partition in Windows 8 machine with great ease. It has the potential to deleted or lost partitions while repartitioning a hard drive i.e. resizing, removing or adding a partition hard drive and many more. It provides you an option to create disk images, which scan the partition excluding the bad sectors and create a copy of partition to restore data efficiently. It is also capable to recover files after Windows 10 upgrade without any difficulty. You can also recover files after Windows 10 system upgrade very easily. To know more, check this page:

Factors responsible for partition loss from Windows 8 PC:

In order to overcome the above mentioned missing partition data loss scenarios, it’s suggested to check carefully for right partition while deleting or formatting any partition on Windows 8 machine. Moreover, do not try to create or resize partitions when there is no enough free disk space available. In addition, there is a wrong misconception that when a partition lost accidentally, the data stored in that partition cannot be restored back. Nevertheless, it is proved wrong by the use of this award-winning software, which is capable enough to restore missing Windows 8 partition within a few mouse clicks.

Further, you can employ this ready to use tool to restore missing Windows 8 partition data from hard drive of types SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. of widely used manufacturing brands such as Hitachi, Seagate, Buffalo, Western Digital, HP, etc. Besides, it has the ability to restore partition data from external hard drive including FireWire drive with ease. For detailed information, click here Apart from Windows 8, even it has the capability to restore RAW partition on other latest versions of Windows OS 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc. For more detailed information, click here    

Note: With the help of this ready to use toolkit, it is possible to undelete deleted downloads folder from Windows 8 computer supported by FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT file system.

Steps to restore missing Windows 8 partition:

Step 1: Download & install this software on your Windows 8 computer and launching it. After that, click on "Recover Files"option from the main window as shown in Fig 1.

Restore Missing Windows 8 Partition - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, choose the appropriate drive from where the partitions are missing on Windows 8 computer and click on the "Next" tab to start the recovery operation as shown in Fig 2.

Restore Missing Windows 8 Partition - Select Missing Windows 8 Partition

Fig 2: Select the Missing Windows 8 Partition

Step 3: Once the recovery process is completed, you can see all recovered files in "File Type View" or "Data View" as shown in the figure 3.

Restore Missing Windows 8 Partition - Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files