Windows 8 Partition Recovery

How to restore deleted partition in Windows 8?

Segmented logical divisions of the physical hard disk drive are referred to as partitions. All your files are maintained in these partitions. When these partitions are corrupted or accidentally deleted, data contained in them also gets deleted. Partition deletion is the usual way of data loss scenario. The hard disk partition can be removed or lost due to various reasons, such as virus-attack, software malfunction, formatting or reformatting the drive, corrupted file system, power failure and accidental deletion. However, your important data is not actually deleted from the partition. Files and folders are present there and can be recovered by using the data recovery tools.

With the help of Windows 8 Recovery Tool, you can easily recover data from the deleted or corrupt partitions. This tool performs the partition recovery without affecting any other drive on your computer. Moreover, errors caused during editing the hard drive using FDisk or any other program may manipulate partition to oblivion. In such a situation, this tool brings you back on the track.

Let us consider some situations where data loss happens:

It is always recommended to take a backup regularly in order to avoid the above scenarios. Also, keep updating your Windows defender regularly. Once you come to know that your partition is corrupted, use the Windows 8 Data Recovery software to retrieve deleted files on Windows 8. Sometimes by mistake, files are deleted from the recycle bin also, but using this tool you can recover files from Windows 8 recycle bin.

Some of the features of the Windows 8 Data Recovery Software are as follows:

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Steps to carry out for Windows 8 Partition Recovery

Step 1: Download and install the Windows 8 Data Recovery software and on the main screen select "Recover Partitions/Drives" as shown below in Fig A.

Windows 8 Partition Recovery - Main Window-Partition Recovery

Fig A: Main Window-Partition Recovery

Step 2: Select the physical drive from which you want to recover data and click the "Next". Once the scanning is over recovered files are shown as in Fig B.

Windows 8 Partition Recovery - Select Partition

Fig B: Select Partition

Step 3: You can view the recovered media files using "Preview" option as shown in Fig C and later save them back to your computer.

Windows 8 Partition Recovery - Preview of Media Files

Fig C: Preview of Media Files