How to Recover Transcend Pen Drive on Windows 8

Restore Transcend Pen Drive Files on Windows 8

In these days, a pen drive becomes very essential to transfer files from one system to another. It is also very useful to carry essential information at any place very easily. Among different brands of the pen drive, Transcend is very well-known and most used pen drive around the world. It provides a huge amount of storage space, a good file transfer speed and security of stored information. As we store different types of file every day and delete them after use, there are many circumstances when we erase essential data unintentionally. If you are one of them suffering from data loss, you came to an appropriate place to solve it. If you are using the Windows 8 system, use this Windows 8 Data Recovery software to recover Transcend pen drive on Windows 8. It is featured with the efficient recovery algorithm suitable for different data loss circumstances.

You can delete or lose files from your Transcend pen drive in the various situation including below-mentioned reasons:

Unintentional Deletion: Most of the pen drive users delete their vital information from pen drive unknowingly. After deletion of the files, they are not removed from SD card only get invisible to the user. Using this software, you will be able to recover almost all types of deleted files like image music, video, documents, application etc. If you delete some pictures from the pen drive mistakenly and want to recover them easily on your Windows computer, visit this link:

Formatting: Formatting the USB pen drive is very common operation to use it in different computers. Many times, we get format error when we connect the pen drive to the computer and unable to access any information before that. If you format your Transcend pen drive all information will be lost, which may be a very dangerous for you. If you lose any of your important data, Windows 8 Data Recovery tool will help you to recover Transcend pen drive on Windows 8 after format. Even, if you format any drive on the computer, you can recover HDD data after format using this tool easily.

File System Corruption: As pen drives are mainly used for the data transfer, we need to use it in the different system. Before using the pen drive on any computer, we need to set a file system to it suitable for that operating system. Due to frequent change in the file system, there is a high possibility of file system corruption. Apart from that, due to a frequent power surge, abrupt removal, virus infection, etc. you pen drive can be corrupted. If you want to recover data from a corrupted memory card, this link will help you:

Irrespective of the reason behind the data loss, to recover the entire data from your Transcend pen drive successfully, use this prominent utility. It is a very smart application to recover different types of deleted and lost files from different pen drives as well as the computer. You employ this only solution to restore data from SanDisk, HP, Samsung, Adata and other types of pen drive in a single try. This application is very user-friendly and requires some simple steps to recover Transcend pen drive on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and other major versions. In addition, this tool can also be employed to restore files from SDXC card, xD card, SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, CF card, FireWire drive, SSD, flash drive, and other storage drives on Windows 8 systems.

Note: Visit at and know how this software helps you in restoring data from the formatted hard drive on Windows 8 machine.

Steps to Recover Transcend Pen Drive on Windows 8:

Step 1: At first, you need to download and install this recovery tool on your Windows 8 computer and connect the pen drive to it. Then, run this application and choose the "Recover Photos" option.

How to Recover Transcend Pen Drive on Windows 8 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this window, you have to select your Transcend pen drive from the list of drives and click on "Next" to start the scanning operation.

Software to Recover Pen Drive Files in Windows 8 - Choose Your Pen Drive

Fig 2: Choose Your Pen Drive

Step 3: When the recovery process will be finished, you can preview recovered data using the "Preview" option before save.

Transcend Data Recovery on Windows 8 - Preview Recovered Data

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Data