USB Drive Data Recovery on Windows 8

Want to recover USB drive files on Windows 8?

Want to perform a USB drive data recovery on Windows 8 computer? Well, this is going to be very interesting, since here is the smartest solution for those who have a strong wish to get back their precious data from a USB drive after any data loss disaster. The Windows 8 Data Recovery makes it easy to perform a USB drive data recovery. A one-click operation ensures a complete data recovery from any of the formatted, corrupted, damaged or inaccessible USB drives.

Circumstances which leads to data loss from the USB drive:

Formatting USB Drive- The user can attempt to format the USB drive because of various factors like, the need of the storage space, to surmount corruption issues, to erase unwanted data etc. Once the USB drive is formatted, intact data will get lost from the USB drive. Luckily, you can make USB drive data recovery on Windows after formatting. For this reason, make a click on

Accidental Deletion- You may delete many important files from the USB drive while deleting undesired files. There is no option except usage of a third-party data recovery tool to retrieve USB drive data on Windows 8 system after deletion of the files. Therefore, you need a proficient app to recover deleted files. You can use this link to revive permanently deleted file on Windows 8 system:

File System Corruption- Generally, the USB drives are formatted with the FAT file system. USB drive file system structure can be corrupted or damaged when using the drive with systems based on different OS. Similarly, the file system may become corrupt if any error takes place while changing the file system. Moreover, with the help of this simple user-interface you can get back data from the NTFS partition with ease. To know more details, click here

Viruses/External Threats- Definitely, it is a familiar and experienced problem for USB drives users. The viruses are programs that have the ability to damage or corrupt the information that is resided on the removable USB drives. Moreover, these programs may result in deleting files randomly. However, you can utilize this award-winning software to restore deleted files by the Microsoft Security Essentials at your fingertips. For more information, click here

With above-stated circumstances, abrupt ejection of the USB drive while data operation is going on or at the time files are being transferred, formation of the bad sectors in the USB drive, irregular power supply, etc. are also reasonable factors, which are equally responsible for USB drive data loss. Since physically data remains present over the USB drive data sectors, it can be recovered without any loss. To get this job completed successfully, you need to employ the software. With the aid of such an application, you can perform lost or deleted data recovery from a USB drive with great ease.

Windows 8 Data Recovery is an excellent application that helps the users to get back pictures, videos, music, documents and other type files from the USB drives. It incorporates a powerful data recovery engine that helps the users to restore data from the USB drive on Windows 8 after formatting, file system corruption, deletion etc. It is very efficient to recover data from different flash drives, memory cards, thumb drives, etc. To recover data from the flash drive easily, use this link: It works efficiently on all popular Windows OS  running systems performs the fastest data recovery from USB drives, manufactured by SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Kingston and many others. One can use this amazing utility to recover data from an external HDD and to know about this process, refer this link,

Note: However, one can simply tap here to restore deleted Word document file extensions like .doc and .docx with great ease.

Easy steps for USB drive recovery:

Step 1: Install this tool on your Windows 8 system and connect the USB drive to it. The main screen appears like the one shown in the figure below.

USB Drive Data Recovery on Windows 8 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, select the USB drive from the list of logical drives displayed by the software and click on "Next" option to start the scanning process.

Retrieve USB Drive Data on Windows 8 - Select USB Drive

Fig 2: Select USB Drive

Step 3: After the scanning process is completed, you can view retrieved files using the "Preview" option.

Restore USB Drive Data on Windows 8 - Preview Recovered Files

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Files